About Us

The story of DR.Light®, which combines light with industrial demands of lighting sector, aesthetic priorities and technology.

15 Collection & 15 Concept

Our company has been established by Ohan Dülgar with a leading initiative in 1950s.

We continue our commercial journey which has began as a little iron smith workshop in İstanbul by making local designs in lighting sector after the establishment of Dülgarsan Aydınlatma by Agop Dülgar in 1982.

We perform our services for a long time on esthetical lighting designs and ergonomy in the name of “Dr-Light” by harmonizing our half a century years old family heritage art with present production technics and Technologies.

We presented special services to our customers composed of architecture, internal architecture and investment companies with our national qualified and accessible production lightings within the scope of Project based Works from 1980s till today. We carried our projects as “Dr-Light” with our esthetical designs, qualified and elegant lightings for lighting systems of Offices and houses, Shopping Centers both abroad and in domestic places. During this stage, we presented aleternative solutions by improving our standards and being partner for projects in various sectors on technical and decorative lighting.

Our trademark has started to make a distinguished name for itself on “Professional Retail” commercial space by means of the opening of Şişi Showroom from the year 2007. From that day on all our designs belong to all of our collections and the modernized and revized concepts by our Professional team are exhibited in our Şişli Showroom.

We reach to final user with our special designs that bear the signature of “Dr-Light” by presenting services to more housing projects with our Professional retail perceptive.

We extended our family by our aim to reach our national production designs by opening our main dealers in Antalya, İzmir and Gaziantep as well as İstanbul Showroom from the year 2017. We perform to continue our service with qualified and reachable products in different regions of Turkey along with our sub retailers placed in different provinces as well as our İstanbul Showroom, İzmir, Antalya and Gaziantep main dealers.

We perform all the stages of our productions with our team personnels who are expert and experienced employees in each of their own field in our workshop placed in Hasköy, İstanbul that is a central region in this beautiful city.

CE marks can be seen on all of our local products that we produce according to international standards (norms). Also, we have TSE, CB ve TÜV Rheinland certificates for different kinds of product groups. We put into practice the projects imagined in minds by synthesising them with the materials from nature in best way and by considering design and quality criterias as certificated products with the help of manual labour.

Finally,”we make designs reachable by making no compromises from our quality principles” as “Dr-Light” team from the day we started our commercial life as a long-established company. With this aim, we aim to extend our success that we had domestically by increasing our Networks abroad.

We follow the agenda in present period for our designs of local lighting with international production scala, trustworthy expertises and a willing team and we continue to present qualified service globally by making our high-class products reachable.


As the DR.Light® team, we organize fairs and events, and participate in various activities. We share our corporate news with our followers.